The City Dossier Issues 01 and 02 

My co-founder and I were brainstorming creative ideas over some Chicago deep dish pizza. We were both passionate about the creative community in St. Louis-where we were both living at the time-and put our heads together to create an independent lifestyle magazine that would highlight our favorite parts about St. Louis. From the conception of the idea to the release of the magazine, we created Issue 01 in six weeks. I was the founding designer, meaning I served as the artistic director to create the logo, style guide, and layouts of the magazine, as well as contirbute journalistically.

For the Summer Issue, we wanted to focus on what makes St. Louis summer so enchanting. Everyone who lives in or is familiar with St. Louis knows how summer days are filled with festivals, picnics, biking, and eating. Issue 02 explores all of that, and more

Read Issue 01 here and Issue 02 here