London City Guide:

11 April 2017

Our time here was sort of an accident. Victoria and I originally planned on going to Iceland for a bit whilst visiting Copenhagen. It was actually the place that sparked the idea of this entire trip, but I digress. After putting off booking accommodations for a bit too long, we found plane tickets to London for less than a tank of gas here in the states (Yay for Europe!).

If I'm being honest, London was never really high on my list as far as places to visit in Europe. There were (and still are) places less touristy and more culturally rich that peaked my fancy, even though I spend the majority of my free time watching old episodes of Big Fat Quiz of the Year on YouTube (WATCH IT! British banter! Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding! Need I say more?); however, my previous low expectations were blown out of the water.

Despite the fact I didn't meet and fall in love with Tom Hiddleston, those three days in London have been some of my favorite days in quite a long time. It took an uber, plane, train, tube, and another uber to finally get to the city, but we certainly hit the ground running. Also: the tube?! why is it so incredible?! and so efficient?! It makes the L in Chicago look like the piece of shit it is, and I never knew I could be so enamored with a public transport system.

Our first day there, as per usual, I made sure to drag Victoria around Soho to a robust amount of shops and cafes, picked up another bottle of Le Labo (Iris 39 this time!), and took too many pictures of the facades of the beautiful buildings. We met up with one of her friends for a drink which turned into a massive amount of drinks that should have left me face-down in the Thames, but, by some miracle, left me hangover-free the next morning. We had an incredibly memorable night. Not just because of the record number of drinks consumed, or the fact that the night ended with Victoria getting her phone nicked (see, I'm English already!), but because it was filled with a ton of laughter and a good, drunken conversation about typography. Victoria even asked a handful of people (strangers, that is) what their biggest fears were (as illustrated above) which left us laughing until our stomachs hurt.

After a late start the following day, and a long, but delightful, uber through the heart of London, we made it to my most anticipated spot, St. John's Bread and Wine. It was my most anticipated spot because: 1. Bread 2. Wine 3. Good lighting (which are the only things I require in life). We talked about life, I wore my new Man Repeller t-shirt, and it was nice enough to walk around sans jacket (which are the three things to make up an ideal day).

Once we finished our lunch, picked up a fresh loaf of sourdough, stopped for a bomb ass latte at Brooklyn Coffee, we sauntered off to Shoreditch. This neighborhood was stuffed to the brim of brilliant places. I already had a solid list of Shoreditch spots, but Redchurch Street had shop after shop. It was easy to stumble upon gems, including Lyle's and Modern Society. I easily could have spent the entire day on that lovely strip.

The rest of the night was spent wandering about. We made a quick stop at the Monocle Cafe before heading back down to Soho for some Indian food (SIDE NOTE: I had Indian food for the first time in Copenhagen, and yes, I am ashamed that it took me going to Denmark for that to happen). It was delicious! We were very exhausted! I had a break down because we were leaving the next day! Bed felt so good that night.

We made sure to get up early the next day to get a head start on a big day. The previous day's bread in hand, a quick stop at M&S to get essentials (cheese, butter, prosciutto, tomatoes, chives), and we were on our way to a spot Victoria had told me so much about: Greenwich Park.

A hill in the beautiful park overlooks the London skyline and is the ideal place for a picnic. That, paired with sunny skies, made it an absolutely memorable afternoon. It was one of those perfect moments where nothing else in the world seems to exist or matter, and it's almost like there was a separate universe created around that moment we had together.

After all of the bread, cheese, et. al. was successfully devoured, we strolled down the hill to the Old Royal Naval College. Since the day was so lovely, most of the buildings had their windows thrown open, and because of that, the sounds of the music students practicing their string instruments lingered throughout the grounds. It was serene, haunting, and the perfect backdrop for the afternoon leading up to our sad departure.

As you all can tell, I am incredibly fond of my time in London. Apart from the fact it was incredibly brief and I still have so much of the city to explore, I can wholeheartedly say that I love it. I can't wait to return, mostly so that I can meet and fall in love with Tom Hiddleston (obviously). Although there were so many places on my list, I put the top 23 (not an awkward number at all) on this lil map below. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. It was a delight to recall. Cheers, mate (there I go again...I must be stopped).

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